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Asquith Boys High School 60th Anniversary
2021 Events (POSTPONED) + Book

60th Anniversary events planned for 2020 will now be postponed for a second time to 2022, due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The  60th Weekend Celebration activities planned for 2022 will include:

  • 60th Golf Day
  • 60th Reunion Dinner
  • 60th Anniversary Community Day

Further event details will be announced as soon as new dates have been chosen. Please check the school website, ‘Backchat in Brief’ and the Old Boys Newsletter for more information and opportunities to get involved.

60th Anniversary Book - BUY NOW

The Asquith Boys High School 60 Year Anniversary book has arrived! Purchase is only available online via TryBooking:

At well over 400 pages, this $60 hard-cover book contains 100s of photos, illustrations, anecdotes, clippings and reports on ABHS school life. Following online purchase, an email will be sent to you to arrange for book collection in Mt Colah. Postage can also be arranged.

A big thank you goes to members who have contributed photos, anecdotes, illustrations and memorabilia towards the production of the School’s 60th Anniversary Book. Your contributions ensured an attractive, entertaining and informative volume. We also say a heart-felt thank you to those who have donated $$ to the 60th Book to help keep the unit price low.

From its conception in 2018, the 60th Book has been nurtured by the ABHS P&C, ABHS Old Boys and current school staff. A former student-turned-teacher and former student parent volunteered to drive this project with the help of many others, who have done the hard slog as volunteers. 

This Book attempts to capture how our local Boys’ High School has evolved over the decades through the highs and lows.

Why ABHS Old Boys Club?

The ABHS Old Boys Club was initiated in 2005 when former student, Rod Cunningham asked Deputy Principal, Bruce Collins: ‘What's happening about an Old Boys organization?'

In February 2006, a meeting was held and decision made to meet the interests of former students and staff of the School, by publishing an Old Boys Newsletter. The ABHS Old Boys Newsletter is emailed free to former students and staff who have registered their contact. Provision for those wishing to receive the Newsletter, but not having an email address, can be made by contacting the School.

The role of the Newsletter is to:

  • Assist former students of The School maintain links with their peer group and their former School and teachers.

  • Communicating information about former student events.

Editions of the Old Boys Newsletter are available through this site. (see below)

Chris Kent, a former student (1960-65), and former Head Teacher, Creative Arts (1982 – 2005) currently edits the Old Boys Newsletter. Further information can be obtained by contacting the School or

Your news is welcomed by your editor and may be shared with Old Boys Newsletter readers.


 Old Boys Club Newsletter Downloads   Northerly Magazine Archive Downloads

Old Boys Club Registration (pdf, 69 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 01 (pdf, 4780 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 02 (pdf, 1777 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 03 (pdf, 1321 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 04 (pdf, 1250 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 05 (pdf, 1128 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 06 (pdf, 761 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 07 (pdf, 1020 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 08 (pdf, 1417 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 09 (pdf, 1683 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 10 (pdf, 1463 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 11 (pdf, 2092 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 12 (pdf, 1097 KB) 

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 13 (pdf, 1463 KB) 

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 14 (pdf 1755 KB)  

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 15 (pdf 1940 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 16 (pdf 3232 KB)     

Old Boys Newsletter V17 (pdf 4868 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 18 (pdf 2202 KB)

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 19

Old Boys Newsletter Vol 20

Old Boys Newsletter 2020 - Vol 21

Old Boys Newsletter 2022 - Vol 22


Northerly (SA) 1960-85 (pdf, 10100 KB)

Northerly 1964 (pdf, 9433 KB)

Northerly 1965 (pdf, 7851 KB)

Northerly 1966 (pdf, 5901 KB)

Northerly 1967 (pdf, 5663 KB)

Northerly 1968 (pdf, 8809 KB)

Northerly 1969 (pdf, 4918 KB)

Northerly 1970 (pdf, 9547 KB)

Northerly 1971 (pdf, 10270 KB)

Northerly 1972 (pdf, 9456 KB)

Significant School Principal Addresses

Terry Griffiths' Farewell Address 2016 (pdf 347 KB)

Former Student Address to School Assembly Downloads

John Reynold's Address 2016 (pdf 142 KB)

Alan Hayes' Address 2017 (pdf 100 KB)

Chris Kent's Address 2018 (pdf 614 KB)

Please click on the links in the Downloads section to see a PDF copy of our Old Boys Newsletter. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to access the files.

Some of the files are large and could take a while to load depending on the speed of your connection. Please be patient.
You can also right click and save target to store a copy on your computer.

50th Birthday - DVD ordering information available here 50th Birthday DVD (pdf, 382 KB)