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Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE)

Personal development, health and physical education (PDHPE) is mandatory from Kindergarten to Year 10.

According to the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), students are expected to participate in PDHPE for 300 hours per year in Years 7 to 10.

PDHPE provides students with opportunities to explore issues that are likely to impact on the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and others – now and in the future. Students also participate in challenging and enjoyable physical activity, improving their capacity to move with skill and confidence.


PDHPE stands for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.  In Years 7-10, we have divided this subject into practical and theoretical learning areas and they are timetabled and taught as separate components: Health (HL) and Physical Education (PE).

For PE classes it is necessary for students to bring their full PE uniform. This consists of: Dark green shorts, white polo shirt, white socks and sports shoes (e.g. runners).  A hat is strongly recommended.

Students who are sick or injured must bring a note to the lesson, written and signed by the parent/guardian. In the case where PE clothes are unavailable (in the wash etc.), students must bring another set of plain clothes for PE, and a note signed by the parent/guardian.

Under no circumstances will students be allowed to participate in normal school uniform. THERE IS ALSO NO HALF CHANGED.   Students not wearing full PE uniform will be recorded as 'not changed' and given relevant theory work to complete. On 'mufti' days students are still required to bring their PE clothes to change into.

For Health lessons, students receive a work booklet that contains the necessary work. This subject aims to improve the knowledge of all students to assist them in leading positive and healthy lifestyles.


Students in Year 9 & 10 have the option to selective the Physical Activity and Sports Studies (PASS) elective. This course aims to enhance the capacity to participate effectively in physical activity and sport by offering new experiences and challenges beyond those offered through the mandatory PDHPE Year 7-10 course.

In Year 11 & 12, students have the opportunity to study the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education course. This is an ATAR/Board Developed course. The Preliminary course examines a range of areas that underpin an individual's health and physical activity. Students learn about how people think about health and physical activity, the management of personal health and how the body moves. In the HSC course, major issues relating to Australia's health status are explored. Factors affecting physical performance in sport are addressed. Optional study is undertaken from a range of topics including sports medicine and Improving performance.

Students have a further choice of selecting the Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation course. This is a non ATAR/Content Endorsed course. This course looks to makes a positive contribution to the total wellbeing of students. They develop knowledge and understanding of the value of activity, increased levels of movement skill, competence in a wide variety of sport and recreation contexts and skills in planning to be active. These and other aspects of the course enable students to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time or at one of the Parent/Teacher evenings organised by the school during the year. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your son.

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