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Awards System


Whole school assemblies are held in the quadrangle each morning with a year assembly held on Thursday mornings. They include a uniform check and roll call. Formal assemblies in the hall are usually held once each month as advertised on the school calendar. These assemblies are chaired by captains/prefects and stress student participation/presentations.

Merit Award Scheme, School Service and Citizenship

The school operates a simple but effective system to recognise significant student achievement. The Merit Scheme is a way that the teachers can congratulate a student for outstanding school work, attitude or school service by commending the student and acknowledging their effort in their Student Organiser. It is the students responsibility to keep track of their awards in their Student Organiser and to notify the appropriate people of their eligibility for an award. 

A student can obtain the following awards over the course of the school year:  

Year Adviser's Award (Bronze, Silver & Gold)

Deputy Principal's Award (Bronze, Silver & Gold)

Principal's Award (Bronze, Silver & Gold)

Principal's Medallion (Bronze, Silver & Gold)

For every TEN commendations (Bronze) or FIFTEEN commendations (Silver and Gold) a student receives from their teacher, they will be rewarded. They must firstly obtain all levels of Bronze awards, before progressing on to the Silver and finally Gold awards.

Awards are handed out at the following times:

Year Adviser Award – at Year Meeting by Year Adviser

Deputy Award – at a morning Assembly by the Deputy

Principal Award – at Formal Assembly by Principal

Principal Medallion (Bronze & Silver) – at a Formal Assembly by Principal

Gold Principal medallion – at Presentation Night

Finally, Certificates of Exemplary Achievement for academic, School Service and Citizenship are awarded at the annual Presentation Night end of the year to a small number of the highest achieving students.