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Classroom Music

Music is mandatory for all Year 7 classes. Students study a variety of topics with a focus on establishing a strong musical appreciation and foundation in performing, listening and composing. Year 7 students learn to sing and play a variety of instruments including guitar, glockenspiel, keyboard, percussion and drums. Extended musical opportunities are given to students that have previous instrumental experience.

Music becomes an elective in Year 8, where an emphasis is placed upon working in groups to form bands, rehearsing and performing in school events such as the annual Music and Drama (MAD) Night. Year 8 students are also provided with premium subscriptions for cloud-based Digital Audio Workstation software and encouraged to compose, record and mix original music individually and with others.

The elective composite Year 9/10 class seeks to further refine performing, composing and listening skills established in earlier years. Students will study prominent bands, composers, periods and albums with the goal of organising and hosting a Stage 5 performance evening towards the end of Term 1.

Throughout the Preliminary and HSC course, students critically explore areas covered in previous years, with a growing focus on musicology. It is not a prerequisite that students study Music in Stage 5 to commence Stage 6 Music. They are encouraged to hone their performance abilities on a specific instrument, working through intermediate and advanced repertoire in solo and ensemble settings. Stage 6 Music students are also encouraged to specialise on distinct genres or styles that have sparked an interest over the course of elective Music.

Extra-Curricular Music Ensembles

Asquith Boys High School offers a range of extra curricular ensembles that perform regularly at school events and within the community. Details are on the Music Ensembles section of our website.

Please contact Mr Manuel Cabrera (Music Teacher and Band Coordinator) on  (02) 9477 3508 for more information.

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