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Careers Adviser

The Careers Program at ABHS is an important part of the schools educational program. The role of the full time Careers Adviser, Mr Chris Broome, is to assist student in making informed realistic vocational choices. 

  • Advice and information is provided on post-school options covering University, TAFE, Private Colleges, Apprenticeships and Traineeships, Paid employment and Gap year options, alternative career pathways, subject choice selection, Stage 5 TAFE courses and work experience.
  • Speakers from universities, TAFE, Industry, Defence Forces, NSW Police Force  etc are organised  to advise students of varied career options.
  • Excursions are also arranged  for students to attend seminars, Careers Expos and Industry visits.
  • A careers resource centre is located in the library where there is a vast array of career and study publications.

Mr Broome regularly sends out emails outlining important career events, University information and other relevant information to Year 12 parents and students. 

All students in Years 10-12 are encouraged to organise a careers interview with Mr Broome.

Asquith Boys High School has a School Careers Website. It is a fantastic resource for Career planning and is constantly updated with news regarding TAFE, Universities, job opportunities as well as available traineeships and apprenticeships. Click this link

Asquith Boys High School also subscribes to 2 Career Information websites. All parents and students are encouraged to use these sites.

 1. Study Work Grow.  This website allows students and parents access to the latest Careers news. Updated weekly, the site contains information about Open Days, new courses, scholarships, seminars, apprenticeship training opportunities and much more.   Login in as student or parent. Login is asqbh0219.

2. JobJump  This website is free for students and parents of ABHS.  The password is gorilla.  A feature of this website is a comprehensive digital ATAR and University course sorter that works with the UAC handbook making is easier for students to search for chosen courses. There is a career Cwiz (careers Wizard) and Find My Career section.  To register click on the link below:

 The following websites are also recommended:

1.  – Universities Admission Centre (UAC) - contains information about admission procedures and courses at NSW/ACT Universities. It includes links to university websites and to admission centres in other states.  UAC Schoolink for Year 10 has information for Year 10 to help with subject selection for HSC courses. UAC Schoolink for Years 11 & 12 has much valuable information on the ATAR , adjustment factors, selection rank etc..

2. – NSW TAFE – contains information about TAFE locations, study options and courses.

3. - My Future Career Planning – gives information on careers, education and training, qualifications, choosing school subjects and employment.

   4. - The Good Careers guide e-book is free to access, providing in-depth information about more than 400 occupations and their requirements including post-school training opportunities.

For students who are undecided about a future career, they can access MYCareerMatch Career Profile. This online tool matches a student’s personality style to careers they would love. They receive a personalised Career Profile which suggests ‘Top 5’ career choices and the careers are linked to Myfuture website. They discover personal strengths and employability skills.