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Principal's Message

As Principal of Asquith Boys High School I take pride in continuing the school's excellent tradition of creating a harmonious, safe and happy environment.

As a parent, or as a prospective parent, it is important to note that we work tirelessly to ensure that every student is known and valued at Asquith Boys High School. This is critical to the overall development and growth of boys, academically, socially and emotionally. If they are happy to come to school then their ability to learn is significantly increased.

I am not only proud of our strength to establish an environment that empowers our students to learn through an excellent welfare program and structure, as well as embracing a broad and engaging curriculum and cocurricular learning opportunities for all of the boys.

All of these opportunities for boys are largely due to the passionate and dedicated staff who strive to engage boys in their learning environment and inspire them to achieve their personal best.

Asquith Boys High School is a comprehensive boys high school in northern Sydney that prides itself on creating an environment of excellence in boys' education and building the character of fine young men. This is largely due to the passionate educators who engage our boys in the learning environment and inspire them to achieve their personal best, partnered with our community recognised excellence in welfare programs and practices.

We offer quality academic and co-curricular opportunities for all of our boys. Academically, Asquith Boys High School has in recent years consistently outperformed boys in other comprehensive high schools. In the 2021 HSC examinations the school achieved the following results:

  • 9 HSC students were listed as distinguished achievers. 
  • Band 6 results were achieved in 6 different subject areas with 3.67% of the cohort achieving Band 6 results.
  • Band 6 and Distinguished Achiever results were achieved in Mathematics Standard 2, PDHPE, Biology, Business Studies, Engineering Studies and Construction.
  • PDHPE, Construction and Business Studies were all above 6% above state averages
  • In English and Mathematics Advanced courses 100% of the cohort achieving Band 5 or 4
  • An excellent 10 out of 26 subjects completed by Asquith Boys High School in the 2021 HSC students achieved above state average.

Our students achieve ATARS in the high nineties, with the 2021 Dux awarded to Luke Ivers who achieved an incredible ATAR of 91.75. He was narrowly followed by Cameron Hays, Anthony He and Joshua Jones Blair who all achieved ATAR above 90 in 2021.

Asquith Boys High School is renowned for programs such as whole-school literacy and numeracy, enrichment classes, creative arts and academic scholarships, student leadership and Year 7 personal interest projects which all are entrenched into our learning and school culture. There is an extensive number of co-curricular activities and opportunities available to the students, these include, but are not limited to International Football, History and Language tours, Duke of Edinburgh Awards and expeditions, Environment Teams, Stage and Concert Bands.

Our boys also are instilled with a sense of their membership in a larger community and they welcome opportunities to participate in local Anzac Day ceremonies, leadership forums, and fundraise for numerous charity organisations. In 2021 Asquith Boys High School was hindered in this area as a result of COVID restrictions, but we were still able to raise over $1000 for the ‘Beanies for Brain Cancer’ charity organisation, highlighting our students commitment to generously contributing back to society.

Asquith Boys High School is focused and committed to the education of boys through innovative and enriching learning opportunities which cater to their learning needs. Asquith Boys High School prides itself on our tradition of academic, co-curricular and sporting opportunities and is regarded as a school where boys will thrive. 

This year the school will continue the proud tradition of serving and educating our community in the immediate and long term future.

Mr Bryce Grant