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2021 Bell Times

New Day Structure/ Bell Times for 2021

With the COVID lockdown and suspended time on class during the year, it allowed the school the opportunity to reflect on our daily structure and investigate the best available options for our students. Also, the phased to return to school in Term 2, enabled us the opportunity to trial, review and then discuss the positive and negatives of some alternative daily structures. After extensive deliberation and debate we have developed the following daily timetable/structure which incorporates the following features:

  • two week cycle with a 21 period week, and a 42 period cycle,
  • all periods the same length- 64 minutes,
  • earlier finish to the school days for Monday, Thursday and Fridays at 2.54 pm (to allow students to safely transition to the station and catch the earlier 3.04pm train home, rather than wait for the 3.34 pm train)
  • Recess (10.48 – 11.08 am) and Lunch Time (1.16 – 1.50 pm) are the same every day of the week, except for Wednesday Sport – Lunch will be from 11.40 am – 12.20 pm,
  • Tuesday’s will finish early, for ABHS staff meetings, at 2.22 pm (allowing students to safely transition to the station and catch the 2.34 pm train),
  • Wednesday’s Sport day remains a 2.20 pm finish time, and
  • Literacy and Numeracy periods have been retained, and will now be timetabled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

We are well aware that this is another change, after implementing a new structure at the beginning of 2020. However, COVID provided us with the prefect time to reassess and review, and we strongly believe this to be a more consistent daily structure for the students to follow, and more importantly, more educationally sound for their learning.

The Student Planner that all students receive will also highlight this new daily structure for you to view and incorporate into your day to day planning. 

Start time is 8.40am every day , but please note the different finish times.

2021 Bell Times (pdf)