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Device Options

Asquith Boys High has identified a range of devices that students can choose to bring to school as part of the BYOD program.

The following is a list of devices in the school's preference order. The order is based on existing technology at the school and the limitation of the hardware devices in terms of their available software and ergonomic considerations.

1. A windows based Laptop computer since the school network (state wide) has been designed around the windows operating system.

2. A windows based Tablet with its own keyboard such as surface.

3. A Macintosh based laptop.

4. An iPad with its own keyboard.

Note: Android devices with version 3 or lower of the operating system are unable to connect to the DEC wireless due to a lack of proxy support. Also many Android apps currently do not support the DEC proxy.

Therefore, Android devices are not permitted in the BYOD project at this time.

Download the Device Specifications and Software/Functional Specifications document for complete device details.