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Computer Technology

Computer Technology

Asquith Boys High School has a wide range of technology, which allows staff to enhance student learning and deliver content and skills relevant in a modern learning environment.

We currently have approximately 200 computers available for student and staff use. All computers are networked and centrally managed, allowing maintenance of software to be conducted easily.

The computers are distributed as follows:

Four full labs containing 20 plus computers each. Three of which are for access by students completing cross curriculum use.

An additional smaller lab located in the creative and performing arts (CAPA) faculty. This facility is available for computer assisted design to enhance learning and creative work in visual arts classes. The lab is attached to the music rehearsal space allowing music classes to utilise a variety of programs for composition and editing their recordings.

The technology and applied studies (TAS) faculty have developed one of their learning spaces into the TAS technology centre. This houses 10 machines and the 3D printer. This space caters for the engineering and design and technology classes.

Pods of computers are available in the library for students use, to help with their studies, homework and personal use.

Four portable laptop trolleys containing 15 notebooks are available for use by any class, allowing computers and technology to be brought into all learning environments.

The remaining computers are distributed around the school in classrooms, staff rooms and for administrative purposes.

Staff use our wireless network in conjunction with notebooks and interactive white boards to bring technology into the classrooms and our students learning.


Interactive whiteboards 

90% of Asquith Boys High School classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards.