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Information Technology Framework

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IT student replacing a motherboard in a computer.

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IT student removing an expansion card from the computer

IT Student Guide (pdf, 348 KB)

Courses within the Information Technology Curriculum Framework provide an opportunity for students to gain Certificates II or A Certificate of Attainment towards a Certificate III in Information Technology as part of their HSC. Apart from being nationally recognised, these AQF VET qualifications articulate into higher-level qualifications in ICT which students may pursue post-school.

The course provides foundation general computing and employment skills that enable participation in an information technology environment in any industry. Certificate III provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in introductory ICT ‘technical' functions. It is designed to support information activities in the workplace and to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency as an advanced ICT ‘user', giving employees a degree of confidence in an individual's usefulness in the workplace. The inclusion of courses in information technology in the HSC based on industry-recognised AQF VET qualifications will allow students to access both long-term and short-term employment opportunities.

The Framework also provides an optional HSC examination, which allows results from the course Information Technology (240 indicative hours), to contribute to the calculation of the Universities Admission Index (UAI).

Learning in each HSC Information Technology course within the Framework provides opportunities for students to develop relevant technical, vocational and interpersonal competencies suitable for employment and further training in ICT. It also provides skills, knowledge and experiences – such as teamwork, communication and occupational health and safety – that are transferable to other industry areas.