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Mathematics Faculty

The Mathematics Department at Asquith Boys High School is committed to developing each student's numeracy skills and promoting a love of Mathematics and the associated thinking skills.

The Mathematics Faculty are a dedicated staff who constantly are looking for ways of presenting the concepts contained in the Syllabus in a relevant and interesting way.

The staff adopts a quality teaching approach to our lesson plans and incorporate technology into all stages of the curriculum. These include Mathsonline, the internet, spreadsheets, word processors and other specialised Mathematics software.

The faculty cater for students of all abilities, and are able to offer all of the NESA Courses. We follow the Australian Curriculum.

In addition to regular classroom activities, we have many students participating in extra curricular activities :

Mathematics Peer Tutoring - Held every Monday and Thursday afternoons at 3.05pm, Room 10. Advanced Mathematics students tutor lower level academic students. Afternoon tea is provided. Many thanks to our volunteer peer tutors.

Mathsonline – By the end of 2018, it is anticipated that most junior students 7 to 10 will have a mathsonline subscription. Senior subscriptions of $10, which last for the entire year (paid to Front Office )

Australian Mathematics Competition – This is a nationwide competition, which is held in late July. All students in the top class, in each year are expected to participate, but any other students are welcome.

Financial Smart Mathematics -  Incursion, enabling the boys to be educated in financial matters.

‘World Of Maths' Day – Hands on real world problem solving.

‘Inspiration' – Maths talks that inspire one to be a better mathematician.


Scientific calculators are required for all students in every lesson, and can be purchased from the front office for $25.

From Years 8 to 10, classes are graded into a top class, middle classes and a lower level ability class.  This enables more targeted teaching and gives opportunities for all students to learn at an appropriate pace. The grading process concentrates on test and classroom performance.

Most classes use the Cambridge textbooks. The textbook is well set out with plenty of examples embedded in each exercise. Students should bring their textbook and cover to class each lesson. A book cover costs $6 (money to Front Office ). Students should return their textbook at the end of the year, in a reasonable condition. Students will incur a fee of $50 if there is any significant damage or loss of a textbook. In 2018, the Mathematics Faculty implemented the new Mathematics Standard Course. In 2019, the new Extension 2 Mathematics, Extension 1 Mathematics and Advanced Mathematics Courses will be introduced.

The Mathematics Department have had some outstanding HSC results over the last number of years, with a healthy and positive upward trend.