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Digital Education Revolution


DER Laptop



At the start of 2012 all students from Years 9 through 12 will have been issued a laptop for educational use.

The laptops contain a range of software including many Microsoft and Adobe products.

Prior to being given access to a laptop students and parents are required to sign agreements designed to ensure the equipment is looked after and available for educational use.

 Key elements of the agreement are:

  • Students will bring their computer to school every day
  • Students will fully charge their computers at home each night
  • Students will make every effort to look after the equipment and will be held responsible for any avoidable damage caused to the computer.
  • Students will report the loss or theft of the device as soon as possible to the school.

 The school will assist students in this program by:

  • Providing a Technical Support Officer (TSO) to help students with all issues related to the DER program.
  • Providing training to students in the operation of software and the safe use of the computers.
  • Providing loan computers, when available, for students experiencing faults with their devices.

 The following documents provide further information about the program.


Document Description Document Description
DER Laptop User Charter (pdf, 108 KB)  Contract between the school, students and parents about theoperation of the DER program   DER OH&S facts for students (pdf, 139 KB)  Document for students, describing the safe use of DER laptops.
DER Incident Report (pdf, 291 KB)  This document needs to be comleted when reporting a damaged, lost or stolen DER laptop.  DER OH&S facts for parents (pdf, 34 KB)  Document for parents, describing the safe use of DER laptops
DER Statutory Declaration (pdf, 495 KB)  This document is need when reporting a lost or stolen DER laptop.  DER OH&S Facts for staff (pdf, 142 KB)  Document for teaching staff, describing the safe use of DER laptops
 Tips for using DER laptops (pdf, 3365 KB)  This document contains useful tips for users of Windows 7 and DER laptops