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Device Options

Asquith Boys High has identified a range of devices that students could choose to bring to school as part of  a BYOD program.


The following is a list of devices in the school's preference order. The order is based on existing technology at the school and the limitation of the hardware devices in terms of their available software and ergonomic considerations.


1. a windows based netbook computer since the school network (state wide) has been designed around the windows operating system.

2. a windows based tablet with its own keyboard such as a surface.
3. a Macintosh based netbook.
4. an IPad with its own keyboard.
Device Logos

Note: Android devices with version 3 or lower of the operating system are unable to connect to the DEC wireless due to a lack of proxy support. Also many Android apps currently do not support the DEC proxy.

Therefore, Android devices are not permitted in the BYOD project at this time.

Note: For the last 5 years schools have used a Lenovo Notebook for the DER program. It is a proven performer in the school environment. The following link takes you to Lenovo's Educational Shop where you will find a number of recommended computers. Please also remember that other manufacturers have suitable hardware as well and you are not restricted to Lenovo.

Lenovo Educational Hardware

Note: A company called Klikon Solutions has approached the school offering to provide a point of contact for parents wanting to purchase Lenovo computers for the BYOD program. Parents are welcome to consider the information provided below but should not see this as endorsement of company. It should also be noted that the school will receive a small donation from the company for each computer sold. 

The following links provide details of the products for sale and the purchasing procedure.

Products (pdf 452 KB)                              Purchasing (pdf 211 KB)


DEC Wireless Environments


Recommended Device Specifications


Form Factor


Laptop, tablet device or convertible device

A tablet device must have a physical keyboard attachment with separate keys for A – Z and 0 – 9.


Physical Dimensions


Minimum Screen Size: 9.7" or 24.5cm

Maximum Screen Size: 13.3" or 33.5cm 


Operating System


• Microsoft Windows 7 or newer

• Apple MacOS X 10.6 or newer

• Apple iOS 6 or newer

• Microsoft Windows RT*



Wireless Compatibility


Device must have 5GHz 802.11n support

This may be advertised as "Dual Band Wireless", "802.11abgn", "802.11agn", "802.11ac" or "Gigabit Wireless".

Note: Devices marketed as "802.11bgn" probably do not support the required standard.


Battery Life


Advertised battery life of six hours


Additional Recommendations


• Maximum weight: 2kg

• Minimum RAM (laptops): 4GB

• Disk configuration (laptops): Solid State disk

• Accidental loss and breakage insurance



Additional Considerations

Personal Accounts for the App Store or Google Play

While teachers are excellent at finding free apps that students can use on their mobile devices it is important to remember that the minimum age for use of these Stores is 13 so please have parents update devices for children under 13.

Antivirus - Protect your Data

Be aware that the NSW DEC BYOD Policy requires users to have a current antivirus system on their device to protect user data and DEC infrastructure. See device pages for specific recommendation.

DEC Hardware Partners

The DEC has a number of hardware partners who are offering NSW DEC families educational discounts through their purchasing portals. Click on the company logo to browse their online store.