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Bring Your Own Device

Student Agreement

"Bring your own device" (BYOD) refers to students bringing a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning. Asquith Boys High School has chosen a BYOD model that will meet the needs of most families according to data from student and parent surveys as well as discussions with staff.

From the start of Term 4 2015 all students are permitted to use their own computing devices providing they bring approved devices and complete the student agreement. 

Students currently in Year 12 can bring their own computers, but it should be noted that the DER laptops they currently possess are suitable for most school activities, negating the need for them to bring their own computers unless they are studying subjects with specialised technology requirements. 

All Asquith Boys High School students have the opportunity to bring their own laptop or tablet to school and connect to the DEC wireless network for the purpose of enhancing their learning. The laptop or tablet must be able to connect to the school WiFi and have specific software or apps installed: to enable the following processes.

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  • Presentation (Eg. Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Drive)
  • Word processing (Eg. Microsoft Word, Pages, Google Drive)
  • Spreadsheet (Eg. Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Google Drive)
  • Notetaking (Eg. Evernote)
  • Internet browser with flash enabled (Eg. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari)
  • Antivirus software (All devices must have an active antivirus software installed. iPads and Chromebooks do not need antivirus).


Before students bring their devices to school, they will be required to sign a BYOD Student Agreement that sets out how the device can be used at school.

For more information on suggested device requirements and connecting to the school WiFi please go to Device Options.