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Using Moodle

MOODLE stands for Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment and was created by Martin Dogiamas who was originally educated through the "Kalgoorlie school of the air" in Western Australia. He developed Moodle as a tool to help students and educators communicate and interact over large distances. 

Moodle Screenshot


Many teachers at our school have set up online courses for students using Moodle, in order to support the work they deliver in class.The following is a list of some of the features of Moodle used at our school:

  • Teachers can distribute digital documents, videos, and audio files as stimulus material for students,
  • Teachers can create digital assignments and distribute them to students
  • Digital courses are restricted only to students who are enrolled in each course.
  • Moodle maintains a list of assignments for students to review at any time
  • Students can submit assignments for marking or in draft form for the teacher to review
  • Marks and comments are returned to the student in Moodle . This information is not available to any other users of Moodle so the student's progress remains confidential.
  • Students can use forums, moderated by their teacher, to discuss issues on given topics or assignments.
  • Students can develop wiki's and blogs, moderated by teachers, related to work within a subject.

It is important to realise that teachers use Moodle at different levels. Many simply use it to distribute written work and assignments. Others collect the assignments digitally, mark the work and return it to the students via Moodle and others prefer more traditional methods of course delivery. Most students have moodle accounts with the school but the level of use will depend on the teachers and courses that they have chosen.

Parents often ask if they can have access to their son's work and marks on Moodle. Only students are granted access to Moodle accounts. We have no way of managing additional accounts securely. We recommend that if you want to see what your son is doing on Moodle, you should firstly ask them for access through their account. If for some reason this is not possible then you should contact the school for assistance.  


MOODLE is accessible from outside the school, for student and staff use, at the following link: 
MOODLE - Home link